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San Diego Lawn Care Services

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San Diego Lawn Care Services

In this article today, you will be getting the best San Diego lawn care services.

As you may have known before now, San Diego is a city located in California, United States. It is popularly known for beaches, warm climate, and parks.

Most visitors enjoy the city because there are places of interest like museums, artist studios, and gardens.

Those residing in San Diego cannot deny that the city is a beautiful one. Meanwhile, the presence of lawns in most parts of this city enhances its beauty. But if these lawns are not healthy. It will rather make the place look ugly.

So, what we are saying in essence is that these lawns need to be cared for and maintained properly.

Today we will be reviewing some of the best San Diego Lawn care services. Ensure that you relax your nerves as you go through this list.

At this end of the article, you should get at least one favorite lawn care service provider, their services, address, phone number as well as star ratings.

San Diego Lawn Care Services

These are the most loved and talked about San Diego lawn care services in California, United States. This came up as a result of background research carried out by our team recently.

Now let’s dive in;


1. Four Seasons Lawn Aeration Inc.

The Four Seasons Lawn Aeration is a San Diego lawn care service that pays attention to details. They ensure that they leave no stones unturned when working.

Their workers are trained to treat customers right.

Aside from that, they are made of professionals in the field of lawn care service.

Yes, their customers testified to this because most of them have been using them for years and their lawn keeps getting better.

So, trying out the Four Seasons Lawn Aeration Inc. should not be a bad idea. Don’t worry their contact and address will be shown to you below;

Services: Customized Weed Control (up to 1,000 sqft/ front & back), Customized Weed Control (up to 1,000 sqft/ front or back), Free Estimate, Lawn Aeration (up to 1,000 sqft/ front or back) and Lawn Aeration (up to 2,000 sqft/ front & back)

No of Reviews: 37

Star Ratings: 4.8

Address: 5722 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego, CA 92115, United States

Phone: +1 619-299-2956


2. Greenway Lawn Aeration

Greenway Lawn Aeration also finds its way to this list. Yes, this is another great San Diego lawn care service you can give a try.

They have been around for a while and have built a lot of trust and credibility with their clients. They are dedicated to providing excellent lawn care services to their customers.

Greenway Lawn Aeration is a very knowledgeable Lawn care provider. I doubt it if you can go wrong with them.

Below are some other details about them;

Services: Irrigation system repair/maintenance, Lawn mowing/maintenance, Mulching, Seeding, Sod installation, Grass Seed, Landscape Makeovers, Lawn And Landscape, Lawn Makeover and Sprinkler Systems

No of Reviews: 17

Star Rating: 4.3

Address: Serves San Diego County and nearby areas

Phone: +1 858-486-8277


3. Jose’s Lawn Service

Jose’s lawn service is owned and managed by Jose Fuertes who has been serving San Diego for over 18 years.

He takes a lot of his time to ensure that he does a perfect job. Meanwhile, his greatest strength is the time and dedication that he put into his clients’ projects.

The truth is that the reviews from clients speak more about how good Jose’s lawn service can be. Most rated him 5star and admitted that it is one of the best San Diego lawn care services.

Trying out Jose’s Lawn Service is not a bad idea.

See more about his services below.

Services: Lawn care, Assemble furniture, Clean gutters, Construction, General repairs, Install drywall, Install fan, Install flooring, Install tile work, Install water fixtures, Mount TV, Paint indoors, Paint outdoors, Painting, Remodeling, Repair drywall, Repair fan, Repair flooring, Repair water fixtures, Replace tile work, Bathroom Remodeling, Bathtub, And Shower Installation, Concrete Demolition, Faucet Installation, Garbage Removal, Home Services, Junk Removal, Lawn Maintenance, Roof Replaced, Sink Repair, Toilet Installation, Toilet Repair, Tree Cutting, Tree Removal, Tree Trimming, Water Heater Installation, Yard Clean Up, Yard Cleaned and demolition work

Number of Reviews: 27

Star Rating: 5.0

Address: Serves San Diego

Phone: +1 858-414-4010


4. Chula Vista Lawn

Chula Vista Lawn brags to be the only lawn care service to tell you the truth about your yard.

Although we are yet to see anybody confirm this, we have seen customers who rate them high.

From what customers review about them, we discovered that they are mostly commended for responsiveness, punctuality, value, and quality of their job.

Therefore, Chula Vista Lawn service making it to this list today should not be a shocker to you.

You can reach out to them on the phone. You will get their contact below.

Services: Irrigation system repair/maintenance, Lawn mowing/maintenance, Commercial Landscaping, Garden Design, Ground Maintenance, Landscape Design, Landscaping Contractor, Residential Landscape and sprinklers

Number of Reviews: 24

Star Rating: 4.2

Address: Serves San Diego County and nearby areas

Phone: +1 619-253-6263


5. David Lawn Mowing Service

David Lawn Mowing Service is the last but not the least on our list of San Diego lawn care services today.

Just like the others discussed earlier, they are also dedicated to providing a great service.

There are only a few reviews about this lawn care service probably because they just started recently.

However, from the few reviews they got, we noticed that they are commended for their responsiveness, quality, punctuality, and value.

Services: Lawn mowing/maintenance, Seeding, Weed Control, Yard cleanup, and Tree Trimming / Removal, *Palm Trees Cleaned, *Wood Fence Installation, *Trash Cleanups

Number of Reviews: 2

Star Rating: 5.0

Address: San Diego

Phone: +1 619-601-2209


Conclusion: San Diego Lawn Care Services

Making this list of San Diego lawn Care services wasn’t as easy as you think. But thanks to our team of researchers who made this possible.

You should ensure that you share this with your colleagues who might also be searching for San Diego lawn care services.

Meanwhile, you can let us know what you feel about this in the comment section below.